A Golden Carpet of Leaves -- 2007-10-14

Fall has arrived and the leaves have turned golden. A weather front brought a wet and cold dreary day and caused the trees in the backyard to drop their leaves. But having done so they created a really pretty golden carpet of leaves! It was so pretty that I had to get a picture of it.

That turned out to be a little bit difficult. The batteries in the camera were almost dead and would not function. I swapped in a set of replacements but they were also dead. I quickly scrounged a third set. But it was getting dark and I was losing the light! Already it was too dark to take a picture by hand. I grabbed the tripod and set it up and managed to get these pictures on the tripod at the very last of the light of the day. The entire time I was taking pictures there was a slow drizzle falling.

In spite of all of that I think they turned out rather nice!

  IM002450 IM002451 IM002452 IM002453 IM002454  

  IM002455 IM002456 IM002457 IM002458 IM002459  

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