Trikke Blading 2007-09-25

Another group hike but this one was on wheels. We were either on roller blades or on a Trikke. I have not been on roller blades for a couple of years now so I went with the full body armor pads. Sue did too.

Most of these were pictures from Keith's camera with the couple of ours thrown into the mix.

  IMG_2101 IMG_2102 IMG_2103 IMG_2104 IMG_2105  
  Erick Ann Sue says, "One fall so far." Bob. Unstable on the gravel! Chris ran circles around us. Again.

  EX000006 EX000008 IMG_2106 IMG_2107 EX000007  
  I found a fuzzy caterpillar. Cute little guy. Bob is starting to get the hang of it again. Ann and Sue. I still have my roller blades on but I am going to try the trikke anyway. This looks like an accident waiting to happen.

  Trikke Blading! And I survived without injury!

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