Sept 13-16 2007 Weekend in Frisco Colorado

Keith, Ann, Chris, Heather, Bob and Sue had a fun weekend in Frisco. We went up Thursday afternoon and came back Sunday. Other photos here of hiking local Mount Royal and Mt Victoria. A great time was had by all!

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  The kitchen / living room of the very nice townhouse we rented (Royal Glen #17). Would highly recommend this place. Through the far window are folks out on the balcony. Chris, Bob, Keith, and Ann relax on Thursday afternoon. "Blinkie" (ipod speakers) is on the grill Parking lot of the townhouse, Keith learns how to go uphill on his new Trikke Chris on his rollerblades (note the right one is missing a wheel, he says it has been that way for years...)

  IM002257 IM002258 IM002262 IM002263 IM002264  
  Bob tries the Trikke Keith shows us how it's done Sue gives it a try Haven't figured it out yet, need a push to go uphill Chris helps with the pushing

  IM002275 IM002276 IM002277 IM002278 IM002279  
  Stressful life at the condo Must learn new game (Killer Bunnies) Pretty sign for the cemetery Looking back up towards Main street. The hill on the right is Mount Royal, that we'll hike later. It's Friday and we're down at the Marina to see the boats and try out the Trikke on smoother pavement in these parking lots and on the bike trail. Chris puts on his roller blades.

  IM002280 IM002284 IM002285 IM002286 IM002287  
  Chris is heading our direction. What's he doing? He's reading a book while blading! Keith and Ann Bob and Sue

  IM002288 IM002289 IM002291 IM002292 IM002293  
  On the bike trail Ann pauses at the top of the hill, Chris keeps reading. Notice Ann's skates... Ann's skates - Land Rollers attempt at an "artsy" photo End of the paved bike trail (continues around Lake Dillon but unpaved here)

  IM002294 IM002295 IM002297 IM002299 IM002303  
  The people on wheels want to stop here, so we turned around rain threatens but didn't fall Brakes, I need brakes! Sue acts as brakes for Ann on the steep downhills Bike path has a wooden bridge over this stream

  IM002309 IM002310 IM002312 IM002314 IM002315  
  "WindRunner" boats for rent. Lots of kayaks and canoes and everything for rent. Chris and his book, a theme for the weekend Sue tries the Trikke again, it's not "clicking" yet. Playing "Killer Bunnies"

  IM002316 IM002317 IM002318 IM002320 IM002321  
  The next game, "Order of the Shtick" We watched the Trikke video, learning how to ride it Saturday morning. Remains of chocolate pancakes with strawberries, cinnamon pancakes with pears, ham, omelets.... Keith is a great chef! Back on the bike trail, noticed this house... doors to space. Deck needed.

  IM002322 IM002324 IM002326 IM002327 IM002329  
  Ann's catching on to riding the Trikke Relaxing on a log, Keith on the left, Sue on the right Keith does the Cap'n Morgan pose and walks off the log Sue does a butt-crawl off the log Further up the bike trail, next to the medical center. We like the heart with wings :-)

  IM002330 IM002332 IM002333 IM002334 IM002336  
  One moment before the fall Keith in his happy place Bob in his happy place Dillon Reservoir it's all good!

  IM002337 IM002339 IM002414 IM002415 IM002416  
  Keith is not just a Trikke owner, but also a Trikke ambassador. Sunday in Silver Plume, we should have made reservations for the train (it was sold out) So we wandered Silver Plume's historic district "children at play"

  IM002417 IM002418 IM002419 IM002420 IM002421  
  The washed out sign at the top said "No Bungee Jumping" :-) Cool spider on the roof, and we liked the skeleton too Gorgeous wildflowers in this front yard In Georgetown now, can just barely see the loop bridge in the distance. The train (smoke visible) just passed over it.

  The whole group in Georgetown

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