George's Moving Truck Day 2007-08-15

Today was a day to help George move his parent's house into his house. It was really an amazing number of boxes and some wonderful antique furniture.

  HPIM1461 HPIM1463 HPIM1465 HPIM1466 HPIM1469  
  Waiting for the truck to arrive. George is on the phone giving progressive taxi instructions. The truck is here. It is a big truck.

  HPIM1470 HPIM1471 HPIM1472 HPIM1473 HPIM1474  
  George has occupied more than half of the truck! George has already cleaned out most of the house to make space for the new furniture. The library before.

  HPIM1475 HPIM1476 HPIM1477 HPIM1478 HPIM1480  
  Bedroom before. Basement before. Office before. Dining Room before. The temporary computer area.

  HPIM1481 HPIM1478 HPIM1482 HPIM1484 HPIM1493  
  The china cabinet. Will it fit through the basement stairs? This needed a shoe horn with the doors removed but eventually did make it. Dining Room before. The boxes start to fill in. And in, and in, and in... And finally the boxes are completely in.

  HPIM1483 HPIM1485 HPIM1486 HPIM1487 HPIM1488  
  The library with bookcases and boxes and boxes of books. The new dining room decor! The kitchen.

  HPIM1489 HPIM1490 HPIM1492 HPIM1491 HPIM1494  
  Garage The truck is now empty. Everything is now in the house. More books for the library. Just what George needs.

  HPIM1495 HPIM1496 HPIM1497 HPIM1498 HPIM1499  
  The basement now only has little paths. The guest bedroom has gained an antique loveseat.

  HPIM1500 HPIM1501 HPIM1502  
  Hand carved by grandmother. This is really lovely and needs to be rolled instead of folded.

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