Arthur's Rock After Work Hike 2007-07-31

This week it was decided to make a local hike up to Arthur's Rock. This is a nice easy hike very close to town.

  HPIM1405 HPIM1406 HPIM1407 HPIM1408 HPIM1409  
  Erick stops for some pictures from a small high spot near the start of the hike. Chris through the rock. A view of Horsetooth Lake. My pack is in the foreground. Another view of Horsetooth Lake.

  HPIM1410 HPIM1411 HPIM1412 HPIM1413 HPIM1414  
  Trail Sign Keith, Sue, Chris, Erick Poison Ivy Sign

  HPIM1415 HPIM1416 HPIM1417 HPIM1418 HPIM1419  
  Poison Ivy in close Poison Ivy in close Lots of poision ivy. Flower I am trying to get a photograph of the bumble bee.

  HPIM1420 HPIM1421 HPIM1422 HPIM1423 HPIM1424  
  Bumble Bee. Bumble Bee. He was a nice bee going from flower to flower. Trail Sign Trail Sign Steep hand-over-hand area.

  HPIM1425 HPIM1426 HPIM1427 HPIM1428 HPIM1429  
  Erick and Sue on top of the rock. Erick is taking a picture of me. Keith is on the edge. Again. Chris An "artsy" attempt with the sun and tree.

  HPIM1430 HPIM1439 HPIM1431 HPIM1432 HPIM1433  
  Not artistic enough but I will keep it anyway. Looking north over Horsetooth Lake. Looking north northeast over Horsetooth Lake. Looking northeast over Horsetooth Lake. Looking east over Horsetooth Lake.

  HPIM1434 HPIM1435 HPIM1437 HPIM1436 HPIM1438  
  Obligatory "Captain" pose. Sue Bob Erick on the rock Erick on the rock

  HPIM1440 HPIM1441 HPIM1442 HPIM1443 HPIM1444  
  Bob with Ms. A staple. Keith Erick on the far rock


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