Young's Gulch After Work Hike 2007-07-24

Friends have decided to get some more hiking in by heading up to the hills after work and making an evening hike. This week was up Poudre Canyon for a hike up Young's Gulch.

  HPIM1393 HPIM1394 HPIM1395 HPIM1396 HPIM1397  
  Blurry but my only picture of this butterfly so I kept it. These are one of the fairly common species that is often seen in these parts. Darn my camera for focusing on the ground and not the subject of the picture. When you are the dog in trail the view rarely changes. :-) Water break. Erick is almost invisible in the lead with Sue not far behind. Followed by Chris, Keith and myself.

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  Bob's "Lost in Paradise" T-shirt seems appropriate. Keith Big horsefly. This guy would not go away. He was fearless but eventually we shooed him off.

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