Bluie Gets Totalled

Several of us got together to see the latest Pirates movie. It was a typical dinner and a movie night. But heading home Ann's car got wrecked. A drunk driver smashed into her car while she was stopped at the stoplight leaving the theater. Keith and Dave were also at the intersection and saw it happen. Fortunately Ann escaped without being hurt. Here are some pictures of the car the next day.

The theater is not far from our house and Sue and I were walking, Rob was on his bike, we all took off and missed seeing anything. We got home and turned on the tv and was "jabbering" with Rob on the computer when I get a jabber from Keith.

[12:22:16 AM] <Keith> Ann got creamed by a drunk driver leaving the theater tonight. She's okay, but Bluie has been totalled.
[12:22:43 AM] <Bob> Wow.
[12:24:02 AM] <Keith> Pickup travelling at high speed on Harmony lost control, swerved into Timberline and hit Ann sitting at the red light (after jumping the median and getting airborne). Dave and I were sitting at the light, watched it happen.

At that point I decided it was too much and called him on the phone. Here is what I learned. Ann was northbound on Timberline waiting in the left turn lane. Keith and Dave had headed out the Harmony exit and were eastbound on Harmony in the left turn lane ready to U-turn back west on Harmony. Dave was behind Keith. Apparently the pickup truck driving east on Harmony swerved right, hit the median on Timberline, hit Ann's front engine compartment and twisted her around 120 degrees to the right and she ended up against the right side of the curb. There happened to be no one beside her or there would have been more cars involved.

The driver of the truck was drunk. The wheel on his truck was torn off by the median but he was racing the engine trying to get away. Finding that failed he then climbed out and started running off on foot. People were yelling at him and he turned around and eventually collapsed beside the road. He apparently was okay later when the paramedics arrived, just bloodied and yelling drunken obscenities at the police and paramedics.

  06-05-07_2321 06-05-07_2322 IM001803 IM001804 IM001805  
  Dave's camera-phone pictures from the scene. The pickup truck looks to have gotten the worst of it. Ouch! Side curtain airbags! The airbags appear to have done their job well.

  IM001806 IM001807 IM001808 IM001809 IM001811  
  Hard to see but the frame does not look straight. The wheel is slanted in with more negative camber than is normal. All of the side panels were hit. The door no longer fits the frame. Everything leans left.

  IM001812 IM001814  
  Bye bye Bluie!

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