Big Blizzard of 2006

A massive winter snow fell on the Front Range of Colorado dumping two feet of snow. This was a heavy wet snow and really shut things down. Most businesses were closed and we had a snow day ourselves from work. This huge snowfall was an inconvenience to many and a real problem for a lot of people but we loved it and had a blast playing in the snow. Sue and I dug the house out and picked up two friends in the 4wd and went out to a local pub for lunch and then to the grocery store for a few needed items.

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  Bob's drive into work on Wednesday morning. The snow storm has just started. The roads are still pretty good today. Traffic was moving at a steady 15-20 mph which was quite reasonable for the conditions. Visibility was the main problem and it just kept getting worse all day. Wednesday night when I opened the garage door I found that it had already started to drift up. I cleared this little area free of the door so that it would not pack in too much for the next day. The snow is still coming down. A very pretty night for a snow fall! I love the snow. But it was not a quiet snow. This snow came through with a wind and a vengeance. You can see where I rocked the Explorer foreward and backward a little. The snow is already up to the undercarriage. That is going to prove to be a problem later. Thursday morning Sue and I start to dig out in earnest. Schools have closed today and the kids all have a snow day and were all out having fun.

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  The snow really has no contrast and is hard to see in these pictures but trust it, it was really deep there. Dig! Look how deep the trench is there! It is up past Sue's knees. The street was a parking lot. These folks weren't stuck but needed to stop right where they were to help push out another car that is out of the picture. If I keep taking pictures will the sidewalk be done without me? I can hope!

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  We finished the sidewalks and there are no pictures but Bob stuck the Explorer down a hole at the end of the driveway. I got high centered and was floating on the snow. We spent a half hour digging the snow out from under it before getting it free. It wasn't "stuck good" but it was pretty well stuck for a while. Heading out onto the main road. This was a minor road on the school bus route and a snow plow had dug out a one lane track. It was a pretty narrow passage. The pushed piles were pretty high for being in the middle of the road. That other 4wd is chained up! Sledders! They are having fun down the hill out of the picture to the left. It was pretty hard to walk since the sidewalks were under two feet of snow so most people were walking around in the roads. But traffic was light and generally this is the way it goes when there is a deep snow. We are on LeMay and this is one of the main roads. Facing into George's house. I stopped while I was still in a track where another truck had been. Ahead of me is pristine snow. There are no tracks at all. It is too deep for my 4wd. I would high center and be stuck for sure. I decided not to try it there. If you look carefully you can see George walking out to meet us. See those mounds on the left? Those are cars.

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  Here is a zoomed in picture of George treking through the snow. I think those two cars are going to be there for a while. Bob decided to meet George half way and to check out the conditions. George and Bob pose for a picture. Look how deep the snow is there! I am going to declare victory and withdraw before I really get stuck on that side street. Those cars buried there are really covered. Cars at the dealer with drifts in front of them.

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  These cars at the dealer are really buried. Anywhere the wind was slowed became a big snow drift. This road had been plowed and had some previous traffic making it quite good. But the side streets were pretty deep. This is on Swallow heading into Ring Neck over to Keith's place. Heading down into Keith's street we found a lot of buried cars. The owners were out trying to dig them out and were making some progress. This is the last picture we took for a while before we headed to a local grill and pub for lunch. This guy has the right idea. He cross country skied to get to the pub.

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  This person walked in to the grocery store on snowshoes. We saw a lot of snowshoes and skis. They would be absolutely needed to get through the deep untracked parts. And today was a perfect day to get them out to play. Snow people! The train has not been through yet today. Completely pristine snow over the tracks. It would be fun to see the train bashing through the snowpiles here. Back at home from the store. There was a big snow drift in front of Sue's garage door.

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  Digging out this drift is going to be painful. Painful the next day from back pain anyway. This is just an insane amount of snow! The neighbors have already dug out their driveway. I say pshaw on that! If I can't out of the driveway then I shouldn't be driving on the roads. Bob is attacking the snow drift. This is the last picture. After this Sue and Bob got down to the serious business of clearing the driveway or otherwise Sue's car will be here until spring.

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