Bob and Jer at Elk Park

Jer/ and I take the beast into Elk Park, Colorado. This is a back country airstrip up in the hillside South of the Estes Park area. This is a really fun little grass strip to fly into but it requires some serious mountain flying technique. It 1,400 feet long at 7,900 feet MSL in a valley surrounded by mountains. Fun!

Update: The FAA now lists this airport as 34CD. The database says 1,800 feet long. However I don't think that last 400 feet is usable for takeoff. It is usable for landing but landing distance is not a limiter at this airfield. John and I measured this strip using both my feet and John's GPS and there is about 1,400 of usable, downhill, runway for takeoff. But the wind is often a tailwind making exit impossible. We almost had to spend the night there today waiting for the wind to become favorable for takeoff.

  HPIM1076 HPIM1077 HPIM1081 HPIM1083 HPIM1085  
  Looking East downhill. N7390K looks very pretty sitting next to the trees. A nice little spot to visit. Bob and N7390K at Elk Park, Colorado. Bob and N7390K at Elk Park, Colorado.

  HPIM1086 HPIM1080 HPIM1082 HPIM1087 HPIM1091  
  Jer/ at Elk Park, Colorado. A nice little place here. This is going to be seriously nice! About to take off. And it is a right turn out for departure! Grass in the wheels means that we have been having fun landing in the grass.

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