Group BBQ

The group at work has a lunch BBQ.

Videos at the bottom!

  HPIM0834 HPIM0835 HPIM0836 HPIM0837 HPIM0840  
  The reception committee. The unsuspecting. The greeted. :-) Like a cat with feathers hanging out of the mouth. The grill is fired up.

  HPIM0841 HPIM0842 HPIM0843 HPIM0844 HPIM0845  
  We had quire a spread. Mmm good.

  HPIM0846 HPIM0847 HPIM0848 HPIM0849 HPIM0850  
  We really enjoyed the play room. Wicked foosball teams.

  HPIM0851 HPIM0852 HPIM0853 HPIM0854 HPIM0855  
  And pool.


We were having fun. I captured a couple of the moments on video.

0:14 Tough playing conditions.

0:14 Especially with this crowd.

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