Snowshoeing and digging a snowcave, 1 Jan 2006

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  Ann and Keith as we start out on Joe Wright trail. Everyone is always happy at the start of the hike. Sue catches Bob removing a layer and stuffing it into the backpack. Bob starts to dig down for the snowcave entrance. The choice of location was forced upon me in a flat spot so we started to dig down before digging over. Starting on a slope would be better. Getting deep.

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  Dig. Dig. Dig. Dig. Dig. Dig. A pretty small opening so far. My first snowcave and I made it the opening very small. At this point it is pretty big inside. Here I am looking out.

  IM002901 IM002894 IM002895 IM002896 IM002897  
  Sue and Ann had decided to hike one more loop around the figure-8 trail, and leave Keith and Bob to play in the snow. They are missing out on a lot of fun. Keith digs a snowcave. He has a pretty deep cave going.

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  Keith has quite a smile on his face. It is bigger on the inside. But Keith was not planning on playing in the snow and wore a lot of straight wool. He got pretty well caked up with snow from all of the fun.

  IM002907 IM002908 IM002911 IM002913 IM002914  
  Bob has a big smile on his face. Bob is inside the snowcave and nothing is showing outside. Sue makes a face at Bob who is peeking out of the snowcave. But then Sue decides to take a turn digging out the inside of the snowcave. Bob hands Sue the shovel and gets out of the way.

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  Sue disappears inside the snowcave. Just Sue's feet stick out as she starts finishes off the digging out of the snowcave. It really is a contagious amount of fun. Sue has a big smile on her face.

  IM002920 IM002921  
  We talked Ann into trying it out for size too. Not quite convinced on snowcaving Ann asks about the sauna.

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