Sept 23-25 2005 COG Rally in Steamboat, Colorado

Every year we enjoy volunteering at the Rally Colorado race. This is on closed county roads in and around the area of Steamboat Springs. We usually work one of the checkpoints at either start or finish or both on several of the legs of the race. A busy time. But very fun. Some years we get more pictures. Some years less. This year we ended up with quite a few pictures!

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  im002716 im002717 im002718 im002719 im002721  
  Saturday. Finish Stage 5, with fire truck, ambulance, and fire rescue trucks standing by before the stage goes "hot" After stage 5 finishes, tow truck taking car 433 off the stage. At least it was able to be towed on its own wheels! Here's car 39 which was too banged up, needed a flatbed Driver was bummin'

  im002723 im002724 im002725 im002726 im002727  
  Driver and Co-Driver for car 39 Sunday, Sage Creek spectator area. Fast Lead car 0 goes by, the last verification of the closed course before rallye cars start Cars 1-3 were going about 100 mph (one was clocked at 113mph). All we saw was a "whooosh" cloud of dust. 3rd car didn't make the next curve though :-( By the 4th car I was able to get a little of it incoming And even caught the car number here - car 1

  im002728 im002729 im002730 im002731 im002732  
  Still catching the inbound car right as the people on the left block it from view cloud of dust as it went by Just the roof is visible behind the grass Finally getting an inbound car The dust on the right is about where car 3 went off

  im002738 im002743 im002744 im002747 im002749  
  gotta zoom in more! Just caught the tail of the bumper. These cars are seriously booking and our camera just won't take the photo fast enough. This was a fun car - on the roof is a doll named "Red" hanging on for dear life

  im002750 im002751 im002753 im002755 im002758  
  Didn't get the car, but the rocks thrown up are impressive! Last couple cars are going slower - managed to get a few pictures

  im002759 im002761 im002762 im002763 im002765  
  Medical sweep, these guys drove all the way from Minnesota just to run fast medical sweep "Green light" slow sweep - after them the course is open again

  im002766 im002767 im002768 im002769 im002770  
  Sunday lunch & maintenance break - cars on display and being worked on. Car #1 was in the top two both days gorgeous paint jobs on way cool vehicles Lots of media coverage

  im002771 im002772 im002773 im002774 im002775  
  Car 24 - take a good look at how nice it looks now, compared to after it rolls later today :-(

  im002776 im002777 im002778 im002779 im002780  
  Subaru had a seriously beautiful setup Thule had the most gorgeous artwork on their trailer

  im002781 im002782 im002783 im002784 im002786  
  Inside of a rallye car - frame, roll cage, and not much else This is car 488 They broke a strut on stage 13 (sounded pretty bad pulling into the finish) and were fixing it.

  im002787 im002788 im002789 im002790 im002791  
  Note the green wristband on the leash - everyone in this maintenance area had to have a wristband! Drivers and co-drivers talking to fans Bob and Paula compare length of hair. Bob, Mike and Paula. Mike and Paula drove out from California and both worked as control captains. Drivers and co-drivers - as good looking as their vehicles!

  im002792 im002793 im002794 im002795 im002796  
  First cars heading out Sunday for Stage 14 Gorgeous paint job, but not for long

  im002797 im002798 im002799 im002800 im002801  
  Media was getting all the cars departing too

  im002802 im002803 im002804 im002805 im002806  
  Compare the car with the picture on the side of the Thule trailer Subaru support truck

  im002807 im002808 im002809 im002811 im002812  
  another subaru support truck

  im002813 im002814 im002815 im002822 im002816  
  Gorgeous labrador "Raider" with his own photo id tag. His job? Security of course! Notice the same orange wristband (pawband?) as the rest of the staff wore Life of Checkpoint Crew at the finish line. We ended the day at Finish Stage 16, planning to just watch it, but ended up helping the crew. Here's the Flying Finish line.

  im002817 im002818 im002819 im002820 im002821  
  A camera guy taking a break between cars. Tons of media here - this was the final stage, determining the overall winner. A car turns the far corner into view. Unfortunately my best camera angle is of the professional camera guys getting their shots. But I guess that is fun too. Same shot. Different car.

  im002823 im002824 im002826 im002827 im002828  
  At the finish it was almost impossible for me to catch the car in this slow camera's frame. Swoosh! All that I can get is the dust as it goes by. The professional really does have the best camera angle spot. With just the dust in view this could be a monster come to attack in some action movie. Checkpoint crew with a Timewise clock for manual timing backup to the automatic Tag Hauer and a timing log to record it. A car that didn't finish is hauled off the stage in a flatbed.

  im002829 im002830  
  The dirt and grass in the windshield tells the story. And the boot doesn't close anymore.

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