South Dakota June 2005

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  Friday, bicycling the George S. Mickelson trail Ann Sue & Bob Keith & Ann

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  Pulling out the binoculars... To look at Crazy Horse off in the distance Zoomed in 3x Looking at people looking at Crazy Horse Gorgeous scenery along the trail

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  One of the many well-maintained bridges on the trail Sue cruises by on the downhill... followed by Bob LOTS of deer along the trail deer in the trees...

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  in the center, looking left. Another one on the right side In Hill City for lunch, Bob at Buffalo Bob's Cute metal sculpture Saturday, at the famous Wall Drug in Wall, SD

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  First view of the Badlands - WOW Keith left of the railing, Bob and Ann on the rail Pictures cannot convey how massive this place is

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  Keith and Bob have no fear of heights

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  Looking up at Keith & Ann Keith's pictures of our first view of the Badlands

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  Wildlife! Man they are camouflaged well Lots of them everywhere - sunning, eating, babies bouncing...

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  More pictures from Keith of the big critters!

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  Sign says it all. Keith hiked up a hill for a better look

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  Golden Eagle circling above us Better picture from Keith of the eagle Yellow mounds everywhere, here at least A ways further up the road, looking back

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  Color Keith Ann Keith taking photo of Ann A road runs across the base of the far hills

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  Waaaaaay down there is a person Cool colors - Panorama Point I think Keith Ann

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  Lots more pictures from Keith of the Badlands

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  Hard to see, but it's a dirt/clay arch, on the Cliff Shelf Nature Trail Looking down on the bridge where the arch is Window Trail - new boardwalk going in Beautiful cactus on the Notch trail

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  The "ladder" on the Notch trail. Starts as a walk up, then gets steeper

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  Back down the valley (north), ladder on the left Read da sign

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  Down the valley towards parking lot / trailhead (far middle), ladder on left Lines in the rock Lines of ?gypsum? in the ?limestone? lines criss-crossing the valley walls

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  Same line down the middle No cairns here to mark the trail - unambiguous arrow! At the Notch, gorgeous breeze Sue & Bob Keith posing

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  Looking down at the Cliff Shelf trail Keith on the top of the Notch

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  Back in the hot valley (95F?)

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  Back down the ladder

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  At the end of the Door Trail Getting sunburned Rocks look like a camel head on the left

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  Saturday got into Rushmore just as dusk was falling There's a trail around the base So you can get shots from a bunch of angles

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  Getting dark but wow it's impressive

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  Sunday, Wind Cave, looking up. Looking down Incredible boxwork everywhere

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  Pictures do not do it justice

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  Buffalo! Off in the distance there was a big herd. We stayed a safe distance away. They are big critters!

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  Lots of gorgeous flowers everywhere Buffalo hoof-print

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  Lots of prairie dogs too Keith with a single buffalo in the background More pretty flowers

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  Buffalo right by the roadside Another buffalo coming to join the first one Hanging out in the shade Half a mile down the road, another herd of buffalo

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  And further down the road, another herd - right next to the road! Two adults with a baby in the middle

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  Yes they were this close to the road! And this close to the car!

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  Lots of baby buffalo Antelope Cathedral Spires trail on the Needles road.

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  The spires from the road A nice hiking trail. Tree-slashes mark the trail

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  Getting closer to the spires Caught up with Bob. The trail just ends at the base of the spires. Ann had a rock in her shoe Ann at a baby rock spire

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  Bob and Sue at "End of Trail". More pretty flowers everywhere... Keith & Ann The only one I saw of this flower

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  Narrow rock tunnel on the Needles road. Sue's prius comng through

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