North Carolina August 7-14 2004

Carolina Beach, at the "Happi Ours" house.  Thanks to Dan and Jan for setting up the logistics and renting a large enough and very nice house for all 16 of us! 

Weather was gorgeous for most of the week.  We caught the tail end of Bonnie on Wednesday, then Friday our canoe trip at the Fort Fisher aquarium was cut short for storms ahead of Hurricane Charley.  We watched the weather pretty closely on Thursday and Friday making contingency plans, and the group split up Friday night and early Saturday, fleeing Charley.  The Gardners drove to Raleigh-Durham Friday night in hopes of catching a 6am flight Saturday before Charley hit.   Flights out of Wilmington (after Liz's 6am flight) were cancelled Saturday, so four of us "saved the rental car from the hurricane" and drove 5 hours inland to Charlotte :-) and caught flights from there.  Turned out Charley had calmed down to a tropical storm by the time it went inland again, but we were glad we'd fled.

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