First snow of the year!

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March 19, 2003 and we have our only real snowfall of the year. Fort Collins had around 30 inches of sloppy wet snow fall on it overnight. This closed down most business over the tri-city area. But we really needed the water. Hopefully this will alleviate the drought to some extent. Sue and I were out digging out the side walk.

This is the back of our house. Unfortunately one of my favorite trees, the choke cherry, has a limb down. That tree has had a hard life through the storms.

The whole back yard is a winter wonderland.

Another look at the deck.

This is our neighbors. They dug out earlier. The snow is piled higher than their car roof.

That is going to be a lot of digging.

Huge piles of snow from the neighboring yard.

The shovel is completely buried by the snow. That is the middle of our driveway.

Looking North up the sidewalk from our house.

Looking South from our house. Fresh, untracked snow! But it is about to become a sidewalk!

Sue is about to start on the driveway. She dug it out completely just yesterday and now you can't tell.

Bob gets a picture of himself with the no tracks snow behind.

Our neighbors are out in snowshoes. There is more than enough to need the snowshoes to get about.
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