KC Helio Courier Trip

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A Helio Aircraft Courier was for sale in Gardner, KS. That is only a few miles from my home town of Ottawa. I am seriously looking for a good taildragger bush airplane. This is a good taildragger bush airplane! Therefore I made arrangements to look at the aircraft. I flew my 1977 Cessna Hawk XP from Fort Collins CO to Ottawa KS. That is a nice little trip which I have made many times.

A link to the Helio pictures is here.

Click on any picture to see a larger view of that image. These are the thumbnails which I reduced to improve page load time.

My friend Dan is lost in thought. I think these are bills from his recent house remodelling. Dan picked me up at their airport and put me up for the night.

The beast in Kansas City Municipal. The KC skyline in the background.

My Hawk XP in Ottawa KS at one of the friendliest airports you will find anywhere. And cheap fuel as well. What a deal!

Mom passes the time with the airport crowd while I get the plane ready for the flight back home.

I needed a bio break so I stopped in Abilene K78. I had never been here before and wanted to stop by to visit. But no one at all was here.

Fuel is available 24x7. Just open the box and write in your purchase on the clipboard.

This is a friendly place. No one home. No cash register or credit card machine. Just write your fuel purchase on the clipboard. You can pay them later.
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