A Flight in the Maule

Sue and Ken were going to fly the Maule. The weather predicitions were not too accurate today -- supposed to be gentle 10 knot winds at most, with the storms over the hills dissipating before they got out towards us. It turned out that a gust front moved through the area just as they were going to fly. Nothing to do but to tie things down and wait it out. But it was short lived and localized and soon things had calmed down completely and I am sure it turned into a nice flight.

Big CAP emblem on the tail.

They just got things tied down as the non-forecast wind approachs, and everyone is double checking everything.

I just missed what it said a moment ago when I started to take the picture. It had said 30G50! Regardless, you can see the Gust to 50 knots (55 mph), it is really blowing out there.

Waiting for the storm cell to move on.

A nice panel.

I wish my panel were as nice.

Ken is checking the fuel but still keeping an eye on the weather.

Sue is working the preflight.

4 fuel tanks to check...

So this is a Maule.

Checking the oil...

Wow! The entire right side is nothing but open doors. Easy to get in and out. But it is still rather small inside.

Hmm... Something looks really strange here around the tow hook. Isn't something missing here?

Ah, yes, a tailwheel. It should look like this one.

The Maule was meant to have wheels like this.

What are those funny bumps on the bottom? The Direction Finding gear for seach & rescue is the ugly round thing hanging down between the main wheels.

The weather is good to go now and Ken and Sue are about to launch.