2002-04-28 A very windy hike up Horsetooth Rock

The weather was not such a good day this Saturday. It was a really windy day with a bit of a chill in the air. But the sky was clear and blue and one of those days that you just have to get out of doors. Sue was busy getting checked out in a new airplane, the CAP's new Maule. I decided to go up the trail anyway. Horsetooth Rock is one of the most prominate landmarks in the area.  It is always visible just west of town from wherever you happen to be in Fort Collins.  It is a great place to scoot out for a quick hike.

This is the top of the trail. Looking back down through where the trail pops out of that notch.
Here is the sight looking out at the end of the trail. The ridge drops off right there. The top of the rock is to the left up a short scramble on hands and feet to get there.
This looks northwest from the top. A few antennas are visible on the right. The valley looks toward Red Feather.
There it is! The top of the rock. Just a few feet more to go.
You can see the town of Loveland off in the distance on the left side.
The bustling town of Fort Collins looking east from the top of the rock.
The town has really grown since I have been here.
That ridge on the left in the distance is called The Devils Backbone by the locals.
The town of Loveland.
It was really windy up here. I found a place to set the camera and took a couple of self portraits.
I set down the camera, pushed the timer and then ran around quickly to get in the picture.
At arms length. I hiked the hill solo today and wanted to share the experience with you. I hope you enjoyed the hike with me.