Bob's Broken Arm Pictures

This page is for those sick people out there who want to see all of the gory details.

[Image of me with external fixature on my arm] On March 18, 1990 I was snowboarding at Copper Mountain when I caught the down hill edge of my snowboard on the snow. This happened to coincide with me doing all of the bad things they teach you not to do. I was really twisted looking down the hill with my hands out and my elbows in, next to my body. From personal experience I recommend that people don't snowboard that way. But I was learning and I was a little tired from the experience and was not thinking clearly at the time.

What I ended up with was a fracture of my left distal radius. In other words I broke my wrist. Because of the fracture at the joint it was decided that putting it in traction with the external fixature was the best plan. I had a splint for one week and then the pins for then eight weeks. When I got free my muscles were so atrophied I could not squeeze a wet sponge. But all is healed and I hardly notice the weather changes at all any more.

Amazingly enough it was really not that bad. It does look bad. It was not fun while I was going through it. But all in all I guess it beats having the leeches put on you as in the dark ages.

Some of the coloration on these pictures are really off. The light and shadow from the sun and trees in my back yard are throwing off the color rendition. I don't think Ansel Adams would approve.

If I can find my X-rays they will eventually go here. You should see them. They really show it like it was. Neat stuff!

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