27 June 2009 Glenn Miller Days Fly-in, Fort Morgan Airport

The annual Glenn Miller Days fly-in to Fort Morgan airport. Lion's Club provides a really good pancake breakfast for $5 and lots of way cool aircraft fly in.

Thompson Valley Composite Squadron brought N652CP to the fly-in to be on static display, and brought more people in a private aircraft to help with static display and flight line marshalling.

Thenks to Bill O'Connor, Ken Anderson, and Troy Mellon in 2CP, and Sue Wolber, Ken McNaught, C/1stLt Skylar Caldwell, and C/SMSgt Jordan Fisher for working the morning.

  IM001133 IM001134 IM001132 IM001135 IM001136  
  Stan Sailsbery on flight line. The CAP plane N652CP is already popular - it's next to the line for the pancake breakfast. N1541W also flew in some CAP folks Ken Anderson on flight line helps push back some RV's Pair of SNJ's arriving

  IM001137 IM001138 IM001139 IM001140 IM001141  
  Beech Staggerwing "Mystical Power" N48JC An AT-7

  IM001142 IM001143 IM001144 IM001145 IM001146  
  Gorgeous Luscombe dwarfed by the T28 behind it. Vernon Tryon worked flight line and kept everything running smoothly. Ken McNaught and Vernon Tryon with SNJ's in background. line of vintage taildraggers. N1505D Cessna 190

  IM001147 IM001148 IM001149 IM001150 IM001151  
  N1996C N77245 N5030K

  IM001152 IM001153 IM001154 IM001155 IM001156  
  Vic Hauser and his C182. 2CP is popular with folks wanting to look inside. Kids lined up to sit inside. Troy Mellon explains how the plane works.

  IM001158 IM001159 IM001160 IM001161 IM001162  
  Future CAP member, Ken McNaught's grand-daughter. Gary Thomas came in to retrieve 59X which got weathered out at FMM yesterday. C/Caldwell and C/Fisher Lined up waiting for fuel.

  IM001163 IM001164 IM001165 IM001166 IM001167  
  line of ag sprayers. N7788P N2501K Stan Sailsbery and Ken Anderson .

  IM001168 IM001169 IM001170 IM001171 IM001172  
  Sue Wolber and her new plane N1541W. Taking down tables from the pancake breakfast. Thanks C/Caldwell and C/Fisher for helping! N89297

  IM001173 IM001174 IM001175 IM001176 IM001177  
  N41831 "Midget Mustang" N3683 "BUSHBY MUSTANG I" SNJ's taxi out for takeoff

  IM001178 IM001179 IM001180 IM001181 IM001182  
  And do a nice fly-by

  IM001183 IM001184  
  3 red taildraggers, all in a row T28

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