Budapest, Hungary to Zurich, Switzerland -- 013-09-13

After a second day in Budapest, headed to the train station to catch the 7:10pm night train to Zurich. Very cost-effective - instead of a 9-hour train ride plus a hotel, a 12 hour train ride with a surprisingly comfortable "sleeper" bed. Very civilized.

If you've never taken a european night train, here's a great guide to the various seat choices. "First class" sucks compared to a sleeper!

Poor Keith got woken up a lot by Bob and I coughing all night. Otherwise it was pretty comfortable, the train really does rock you to sleep. Tough part is that you arrive at 7am rumpled, groggy and wanting a shower. All in all a delightful way to travel.

Took us a while to find Hotel Hirschen, it really is only a few blocks from the main train station in Zurich but google maps was horrible at labeling Hirschen street and Hirschen Platz the hotel is on (along with a bunch of other hotels). Dropped our bags at the hotel and wandered a bit, found breakfast, visited the famous FrauMunster church which has beautiful stained glass by renowned artist Marc Chagall. Very different from typical stained glass!

Wandered around town and the lake... then Jimbo arrived! Hadn't seen him for ten years so awesome to catch up, and he tour-guided us around Zurich today, and Luzern tomorrow. What fun!

  IM001929 IM001930 DSCN5779 IM001932 IM001933  
  Keith Fraumunster church Swiss army knives!

  IM001934 DSCN5780 IM001935 IM001936 IM001937  
  Love the terrace and plants on this building! Quiche for mid-morning snack at Sprugli Sprügli! WOW. Just wow. Truffles, every pastry you'd want.

  IM001938 IM001939 IM001940 DSCN5781 DSCN5782  
  Sprügli! Lake Zurich. Flower clock. Yes it's 11:20am. Photos of photos. Sue

  DSCN5783 IM001941 DSCN5785 IM001942 IM001943  
  Bob and Sue at Lake Zurich. Boats on the lake. Swans! Keith in short sleeve t-shirt, Sue in jacket. Typical! Swans and ducks abound. Amazing number of boats here.

  DSCN5786 IM001944 IM001959 DSCN5787 IM001945  
  Good to see that hack repairs exist everywhere. Touristy! After a shower, great lunch with Jimbo, we went up the Dolderbahn. This is a VERY long cog rail car up a local hill (very long and fairly steep, glad we didn't hike it).

  IM001946 IM001947 IM001948 IM001949 IM001950  
  Passing area for the trains! The Dolder Grand hotel, lobby. The clockwork was fascinating. Beautiful hotel. Heck of a view. Bob and Jimbo at the Dolder Grand hotel, Zurich.

  IM001951 IM001952 DSCN5789 IM001953 IM001954  
  Cute! Looking down to the lake. Jimbo Bob and Sue with a nice car at the Dolder Grand hotel, Zurich.

  IM001955 IM001956 IM001957 IM001958 IM001960  
  Beautiful. Come to think of it, this is the first golf course I've seen in Europe (18th day here?) Taking a break from walking around the hotel. Yup we're in the country of awesome chocolate.

  IM001961 IM001962 IM001963 IM001964 IM001965  
  Yet another gorgeous building. River walk in Zurich. Tree is supported on the wall. Folks swim here! More gorgeous "graffiti" here.

  IM001966 IM001967 IM001968 IM001969 IM001971  
  Slack rope walking. "Beach" volleyball along the river. Swimming is popular here. Farther downstream looking back upstream at the sluiceway. Fun in the main Zurich train station! We were looking for how often trains ran to Luzern tomorrow.

  IM001972 IM001973 IM001974 DSCN5791 IM001976  
  Band in our Hirchen Platz (plaza outside our hotel). They played YMCA and other easily-recognizable songs. Pretzel with your beer! Before-dinner beer. After awesome fondue, wander the city. Bridges are gorgeous with the moon overhead. In the hotel, melted candelabra.

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