Budapest, Hungary -- 2013-09-12

Second day in Budapest. Today we go to the Pest side (pronounced "Pesh").

The Musuem of Electronics is a blast for EE's who like hands-on and history. Even Sue enjoyed it :-) Although figuring out how to buy a ticket there was confusing.

The Terror Museum is very sobering, sad and eye-opening, well worth a couple hours to wander through. No pictures allowed inside. Each room has a paper handout in English and Hungarian explaining the room and the history. It chronicled the occupation by the Nazi and Soviet forces. It is a memorial to the victims detained, tortured and killed in the building.

In the beginning of WWII, Hungary was right in the middle (physically) between Germany and Russia. Caught in the middle, negotiating with all sides, they tried to fight Russia but their army was decimated in the Battle of Stalingrad. They were now easy prey to be overrun and occupied by Nazi Germany. Over four hundred thousand Jews were immediately deported to concentration camps and murdered. The Nazis and Arrow Cross Party took over a large building in downtown Pest for their headquarters for spying, interrogation, torture and murder. Over the months the building was expanded into neighboring buildings and basements for dungeons. The Nazi occupation only lasted a few years but left an indelible mark on Hungary and Budapest.

Near the end of WWII the Soviets invaded Hungary, fighting both Germans and what was left of the Hungarian army. After Hungary surrendered to the Soviets, it was then occupied again. The Soviets used this same building for their headquarters for 40 years of terror - again using the building for the same tactics of spying, interrogation, torture and murder. Despite many uprisings, the Soviets didn't leave Hungary until 1991.

This musuem was created in 2002 to commemorate the double occupation horror that Hungary went through. Sobering. Very interesting.

  IM001897 IM001898 IM001899 IM001900 IM001901  
  On the Pest side looking up at Buda Castle and churches. Bob and Keith. Another gorgeous statue. Fun statues!

  IM001902 IM001903 IM001904 IM001905 IM001906  
  St Stephen's Basilica in Pest Subway! But we resist... My latin is nonexistent, google says it means "I am the way, the truth, the light" First beer of the day here.

  IM001907 DSCN5770 IM001908 IM001909 DSCN5771  
  Too cute! Plaque below the next sculpture. Sobering. Street cleaner

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  Neon Winebar! Actually we're here for the Museum of Electronics. Entrance area of the museum. EE's / Geeks having a blast. Even better upstairs. VERY hands-on. Probably have school kids in here playing all the time.

  IM001915 IM001916 IM001917 IM001918 IM001919  
  Bob winds up the Wimshurst electrostatic generator! Curator spoke no english, zero english on the signs, but EE's can figure out what most of this stuff is.

  IM001920 IM001922 DSCN5775 DSCN5776 DSCN5777  
  Bottom right? Bob has one. It's a great stove! Optimus, same brand as Bob has. Old fan.. yeah have one of these too. Reflective heat lamp.. yup have one of these too.

  IM001923 IM001926 IM001927 IM001928 DSCN5778  
  How to climb the concrete telephone / power poles. M's! In Hungarian :-) Banana and pastry made lunch. OMG sobering. Spent a couple hours in here. The "Terror Museum" in Budapest. Well worth a visit. About to catch a night train to Zurich.

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