Last day of biking Esztergom, Hungary to Budapest, Hungary -- 2013-09-10

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  Looking out our hotel window. There's supposed to be a castle there. This morning, just fog. A few minutes later, fog is still thick. After breakfast, starting to see the castle. It's only 100m away. Last day of biking! Earlier start today as we need to hit two ferries that each only run once an hour. Typical munchies and fruit available to take for a mid-morning snack.

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  Keith and Kate Gerrie, Carl, Robert Fog is clearing. But the bike path is still cold and wet today, and we have to move fast today to catch the first ferry which only runs once an hour. Even with the cold, the Danube is pretty in the fog.

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  Layers on today for the cold... Made the first ferry with time to spare. Ferry is on its way The whole group made the first ferry.

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  Well except for Sue's sunglasses which got left behind. Sigh. This is a really cool barge ferry - the way the tug is connected to the barge is innovative. But, why does it say "Ferryboat" in english?

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  The tug's nose was connected by cable to the middle of the barge. Book keeping Tug engine

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  After the ferry, a fun scarecrow Stopped for photos Typical river cruise boat. The rose on the nose is pretty.

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  We missed the second ferry so stopped with Keith and Dana & Milan for lunch at a cafe' next to the ferry in Vac. Paying for the ferry. Big ferry! 4 rows for cars and plenty deep. Even a second floor for awesome views, with the captain up in the tower on the third level.

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  Keith, Milan, Sue, Dana Dana On the other side of the river, everyone on the earlier ferry is having a picnic on the left. Another hackney carriage

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  Very military looking. Gerrie and Barbara Oh yeah definitely military here. Somewhere back there is a shooting range with firing going on.

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  About then Robert caught up and suggested this may not be a place that likes photos being taken. Time to bike on! Water ski lake, with no boats! Pylons around the bank with cables strung between A lot like a ski poma lift

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  Skiers can go between the concrete rails, or go up them to do jumps and tricks. Small boat to pick up anyone who falls. Pylon with cables Lots of room for "beach" watchers

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  Hyperlite is the company doing this Next we biked through a gorgeous huge park on Margit island in the river going into Budapest. Three-wheeled pedal cars for rent here. Ruins of an old church. Bikers wanted their picture taken here too. Walls are several feet thick.

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  Music playing as the fountain dances in time. Flowers, everything is gorgeous in this park. Beautiful music Spectacular finale

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  Music finishes, we resume our ride into Buda and Pest. Parliament building in Pest, across the river from Buda Hotel this way Ilaria and Robert dismantle the bikes to fit them all in the van. Fred is the only one who brought his own bike.

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  Last of the chalk dust arrows! End of the bike trip :-( View out our hotel window. Parliament across the river, a typical dinner cruise boat below us. Wow. Gorgeous view of Pest.

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  Still looking out the hotel window, downstream. Looking far upstream at the middle island of the Danube with Margit island and the park we rode through. Dinner cruise boat.

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  Beautiful setup for dinner but first everyone crowds the windows to see the river. All the buildings on the river and the bridges are beautifully lit at night. Parliament lit up at night Our ship, the Ister Appetizers go on and on. There was another table of entre's too.

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  Dessert table. If this is how riverboat cruises feed you, man we'd need to bike 5 hours every day! Multiple choices of wines... Group photo!

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