Biking Gyor, Hungary to Esztergom, Hungary -- 2013-09-09

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  Fred. Notice the railroad tracks behind us at a not-so-great angle to the road. Sue went down, Fred just went "whee" and stayed up. Just bruises for Sue. Other folks weren't as lucky on the wet slick roads :-( It rained for the first 2 hours of biking today :-( Crossing over the highway (still raining). McD's at this rest stop. Smilin' in (spite of) the rain Skies ahead aren't quite as dark.

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  First time all trip we've been stopped at a train crossing. Trains are pretty fast here so a short stop. Barbara, bikin' in the rain. Bob and Sue with the train passing by. Skies are still grey but it did stop raining. Keith at his own bar.

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  The "Keith" Viking pub and cafe. Gabriel even marked it, just for Keith! More fields of dead sunflowers, not harvested. Not a good year for them... Corn here is pretty unhappy too.

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  But one field over has happy corn. Gorgeous view in Esztergom! Castle up on the hill. Didn't know it yet but orange building on the right is our hotel. Bob Even in a narrow canal, lots of boats.

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  Can't see it from the flash, but very very muddy legs today! And shoes sopping wet. Hiking up to the castle before dinner. Rock road, not cobblestone

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  Bob. You can tell it's still cold today with pants and fleece jacket!

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  I bet there's a view over there! Looking left at the castle wall Then shifting right

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  Gorgeous views from here

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  Huge!! Then, the whole group came up here to see the view.

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  Amazing at sunset. Keith, Robert, Gabriel Keith

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  Tour guides Robert, Ilaria, Gabriel, George. Gabriel makes the best faces! Looking down at the start of a mosque. Karen, walking wounded :-( Robert briefs us on the next day's ride, and continues the story of a local legend. Bob's dinner, chicken and spaetzle noodles

  Sue's dinner, baked eggplant

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