Biking Durnstein, Germany to Vienna, Austria -- 2013-09-05

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  In Durnstein, view out our hotel window of the hotel courtyard (pool is not visible). Just outside Durnstein Bob Amazing terracing on the hills near Durnstein. Manual labor here to pick the grapes... priceless.

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  Barbara Another bridge crossing the Danube. Bob Another hydroelectric dam and locks. Looking up at the power transmission tower next to the dam.

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  Sue and Barbara Yet another beautiful bridge over the river.

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  Yet another gorgeous building up on a hill... with the usual construction crane. Statues commemorating something important in Austria's history.

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  We liked the rat :-) Keith Keith!! Boats and swans everywhere Solar panels everywhere in Germany and Austria!

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  These are vacation houses on stilts (flood area) and may be off the power grid. Sue More gogeous smooth quiet bike paths right next to the river. Keith stopped to put his feet in the river. Sue grabs a snack. Robert, our tour leader.

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  Jeanna got a flat, we called Robert and he raced back to us to fix it. Very quick, he's gone this a million times before! After fixing Jeanna's bike, he had to fix a flat on his bike too. Yet another gorgeous building up on the hill.

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  Gorgeous views... Fun toy being unloaded. In Vienna on the canal, a lap pool. It's a pool which is a boat!

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