Biking Grein, Austria to Durnstein, Austria -- 2013-09-04

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  Bike day from Grien started with a ferry to the south side of the river. But, long line... And the ferry didn't carry very many... And took a while to get across and unload and re-cross... So we skipped and went up the river ~2km to a nearby bridge to cross. Dana & Milan waited and said it was a 30-minute wait. On the way upriver to the bridge we say this!

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  Fun tonka toy :-) No clue what this is, but it's cute. Something for the store. Bike museum! The bike up on the wall is fun. Pretty old bike.

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  In the window next door. Bob has chainmail very similar to this. The infant-sized helmets are pretty cute. Outside the bike museum, awesome providor of everything you need to tune up or fix your bike! Great mid-morning snack - bacon and cheese wrapped in a flaky roll, like a pizza roll without the marinara. Very tasty!

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  The bakery with these great snacks - Schwin Just down the street from the fahrrad-museum (bike museum) The bakeries here are just amazing for what they carry, fresh made daily! Typical view along the bike path... farmland and hills with castles off to the side, river close by on the other side.

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  Another hydroelectric power station on the river with locks. On the river, the red bouys are "avoid me or die in the power plant", this little boat is going off to the right of the green bouy to the river bank. Locks are far to the left. Gorgeous building just beyond the locks. Milan

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  Keith Sue Dana Abbey at Melk. Very famous but we wanted to spend time in the wine valley 40km ahead. And it was like 15 euros to get in. So we took a few photos and kept going.

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  Fun food stands in Melk. Interesting! Looking back at the abbey as we leave Melk. Crossing the river back to the north side after Melk. Awesome way to warn of strong winds without words needing translation!

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  Wish the US would do international signs like this. Crossing the river, looking down at a ton of dead trees from the June flood. Looking downstream (the way we're going) Looking upstream Yet another gorgeous building

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  Fortress on top of the hill Zoomed in Stopping for water Bob and Sue Unattended roadside stand with apricots, alcohol... for a few euros.

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  Tons of fun stuff along the bike path! But next was Keith at a roadside cafe having a glass of wine. Good thing we stopped, the fresh apricots here were amazingly tasty! Yummy! We ate all of them!

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  This is the glorious Wachau valley of vineyards and fruit. I could spend a couple days here... This kind of sign on a cafe / restaurant means they only serve fresh locally-grown items. Yet another gorgeous church.

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  We left the bike path to follow a road through another gorgeous old town (cobblestone road of course) with vineyards on the slopes above. Town of St Michael with another gorgeous church. We stopped at this one to wander around. The bike path behind us went under an arch, with steps on the right to climb up and walk over the arch. On the arch, info and great view of St Michael's church.

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  Looking back from the arch upstream of the river, road, bike path. Most places were like this - gorgeous bike path separate from the automobile road. Notice to the right of the main tower, a smaller round tower to the right and far back. That's open to the public.

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  cemetary at the church Legends about the animal carvings on the roofline.

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  From the top of the small round tower ("small" being 3 stories up) looking upriver.

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  Critters on the roof line. Inside of the round tower, at the ground floor looking up. Pretty huge spider in a web in the cemetary.

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  In Durnstein, artists painting in the square. Tour of a local winery - Domane Wachau Grapes on the vines. Vineyards terraced up the hillside.

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  Cool sign for the railroad crossing. Roses attract bugs before the grapes, so bug-free roses means bug-free grapes. helicopter flies over, Bob and I have to look up :-) Ceiling frescos in the vineyard buildings.

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  Local "comics" or political commentary of the time. Going down into the wine cellars...

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  Logo of the vineyard. Dan & Jan: this is for you... Years of bottles... just waiting to be drunk... Huge casks for making the wine. Opened up ready for this years pressing in a few months. Putting camera inside the cask. Squeaky clean!

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  Rows and rows of different sized casks. Just goes on and on... Coins placed by tasters visiting, a good taste is marked by a coin. Some beautifully carved casks.

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  on and on... corrosion from the humidity. Modern section with stainless steel tanks. Still some wooden casks here too.

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  Bob on and on... Inside of a stainless steel tank. The welds are beautiful. Double-walled tanks so they can run water outside the wine inside the outer tank for cooling.

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  Close up of mold on the walls. Shows the wine cellar is cold and damp (as it should be). Wine tasting! Wines at our tasting tonight. Two wine glasses plus water per person, plus bread roll to clear the palate.

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  Love Keith's wicked smile :-) Map of the area. Gorgeous Wachau valley. Well worth a visit of more than one evening!

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