Biking Linz, Austria to Grein, Austria -- 2013-09-03

Mauthausen concentration camp is very sober, depressing to visit. Yet, we cannot forget what humans did to each other. The concentration camps did not start as death camps! They started as merely holding centers for political prisoners... for years... with no charges, no jury. Eventually torture was used to extract information. Deaths were covered up as "shot while attempting escape".

Many people think this can't happen again today, especially in America. Yet, what is Guantanamo Bay prison? Political prisoners held for over a decade, no charges, torture, no due process. NSA spying on the world. What is America becoming?

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  Mauthausen Concentration Camp

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  DSCN5402 DSCN5403 DSCN5404 IM001395 IM001396  
  gas chamber cremation to hide the bodies

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  Sue with colorful bike shorts. Typical outdoor cafe.

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  Gabriel is a TON of fun! Bob!

  IM001404 IM001405 IM001406 DSCN5408 DSCN5409  
  Another dam and locks...

  DSCN5410 DSCN5411 DSCN5412 IM001407 IM001408  
  Gabriel (riding sweep) checking in with our location. Shadows -- which means !Sunshine! We're finally in Austria per Norbert with blue skies, blue Danube, gorgeousness :-) Gabriel, Bob, Keith at the top of the hill at Klams.

  IM001409 IM001410 IM001411 IM001412 IM001413  
  Gorgeous views. All downhill from here to the hotel!

  IM001414 IM001415 DSCN5413 IM001416 DSCN5416  
  Keith going into Schorgi for pastry. It was very yummy! Gerrie and Annie, Debra at the next table. Great thing about biking 4-5 hours per day, you can eat ANYTHING and not gain weight :-)

  DSCN5417 IM001417 DSCN5423 DSCN5419 DSCN5418  
  Gorgeous view from the bakery. We're in Grien here. Hotel is 20 feet away, awesome location. Fun!

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