Passau, Austria to Linz, Austria Biking -- 2013-09-02

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  Another cold overcast day, still gorgeous tho! Finally saw blue sky today for a short time. Another of those solar-powered-somethings. Tug pushing a barge up-river.

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  Confluence of three rivers coming together just downstream of Passau. We were all bummed that in the European Union we don't get passport stamps at the border. Gabriel drew a stamp for us as we crossed into Austria! Border crossing. Fred stopped for pictures too.

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  Gabriel's awesome chalk pictures. First bike ferry.

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  Milan and Dana Halfway across the river on the ferry. Dana and Milan

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  Stopped here in Schlogen for an awesome pumpkin cream soup and the usual bier and cola.

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  Ferry ticket

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  Chilly day! Now on the south side of the river, in the shade (ie cold). Moss everywhere.

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  Flowers! Another hydroelectric dam and locks on the river.

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  Gorgeous building up on the hill. kayakers on the river

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  Afternoon snack in Aschach and van pickup for anyone who wants to quit here for the day.

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  Very cute Gabriel's drawing to point out the cute scene. Flowers!

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  Second ferry back to the north side. An unpowered cable ferry. It powers up its engine for the last couple feet of docking. The cable does the back-and-forth across the river.

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  Fun! Notice earband. It was cold and windy on the south side of the river that day!

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  Physical cable stretching across the river moves the ferry. Cable attaches to the boat. The cable across the river.

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  Coming into Linz

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  Our hotel is behind the statue right on the main square. Hotel in Linz

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  Welcome reception from the hotel.

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  Salad! Rare to find veggies here.

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  Small goulash. Assorted dumplings. Both very good!

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