First day biking Regensburg, Germany to Deggendorf, Germany -- Aug 31 - Sep 1, 2013

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  First day biking! Excursion up a hill to "Walhalla", a pantheon built by Ludwig I in the mid-19th century. Worth the bike and hike up! Gorgeous views from up here of the Danube aka Donau river. Keith and Sue. Keith on the edge.

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  Bob and Sue. One of the many beautiful churches in villages we pass through along the way. Stopping for pictures of the miniature horses in the pasture.

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  They're pretty cute!

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  Yet another gorgeous view of the next village with church steeple. Typical view of the bike path and river.

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  Some folks schlep their own gear, we had it cushy with ExperiencePlus taking all our luggage for us. Typical chalk arrow of optional fun thing to go do or visit.

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  Yet another gorgeous church. St Michael's abbey.

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  Another typical chalk arrow of a great Gelato place!

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