iPad mildly smashed, 11 August 2012

Not sure how it happened but during the 4.4 hours of mountain flying today, sometime in there my iPad got midly smashed. Bummer!

Fortunately there are shops that claim to repair broken glass on i-devices with one right here in Fort Collins. For now I taped over the smashed part and we'll see how long the cracked glass stays in place before I have to take it in for repair. Amazingly the touch screen still works fine, so far...

  DSCN0739 IM000877 IM000881 IM000883  
  Smash of a small area with cracks radiating out. No clue what the cause was, since the smart cover was closed it had to have been something pretty heavy smashing down on it. Crush is in the outer area that isn't used for touch (maybe this area ought to be metal not glass?)

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