Oshkosh July 26, 2012

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  new Turbo Diesel Cessna 182 Much fun in riveting workshop! Drilling holes, de-burring, dimpling and counter-sinking holes. Here using the squeeze rivet tool, then finally the rivet gun and bucking bar. The volunteer trainers (in blue vests) were _awesome_ at explaining everything. The Brat grill. "World's largest grill. Period." Fun lunch with Randy and Bill! Lots of folks in line for good brats.

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  Ford Tri-Motor giving rides. Boomerang. N94Y, a Questair Ventura. Delta wings. Gorgeous smooth lines on this Lancair.

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  Bill Standerfer with rows of Sonex'es Warbirds area! Rows and rows of warbirds. Wind sock! Multiple rows of P-51's

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  N850DV, an Epic LT prototype. Gorgeous! Goodyear blimp FedEx Airbus 300 on the main ramp during the day Thursday. Just before the airshow started, tri-motor still flying.

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  RV's in formation. Sea of yellow cubs, 75th anniversary of the Cub. Blimp fly-by during the airshow. Great airshow. Rows of Cessna 195's.

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  Rows of Swift's. A rare Twin Bonanza, huge compared to a Baron. Sean Tucker gave an awesome airshow performance. N4153X, a Rockwell Darter Commander.

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  Shiny Ercoupe! Over 1000 Young Eagle rides given, in a 2-seater. Wow! Seabee. Big flying boats... NC2350N, shiny Cessna 140.

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  Interesting tail on the Bellanca Cruisemaster 230. N3904K an AG-14 Cubs and an amazing airshow, does life get any better? Ah Staggerwings and Waco's, gorgeous classics.

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  interesting radial engine...

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  FedEx Airbus 300 being pushed out to depart. The DC-10 looks big until you see what's arriving. In a few hours arrived... Fifi... and a C5 galaxy, with the goodyear blimp above, and a now-small-looking DC-10 to the C5's left with a B17 on the far left. Canadian C-GUPJ D-Jet

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  Shrike Commander of Bob Hoover fame. Fifi is tugged in behind the massive tail of the C5.

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  B29 Superfortress, "Fifi" Fifi tail-to-tail with the C5.

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  NC17472 Waco next to the DC-3 N103NA. Super Corsair N5577N NC33712 Cub tucked under the wing of the DC-3 N103NA.

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  Duggy, "the smile in the sky" :-) Beech A36 PR-EEK from Brazil. Or as they spell it, Brasil. Super Chub is from Aurora (Denver), Colorado

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