June 16, 2012 Hike Round Mountain. Saw a Bear Cub!

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  At the trailhead parking lot, saw a bear cub! First bear I've seen in 26 years in Colorado. Rangers said there was also a mom and another cub nearby, didn't see them. He (she?) came pretty close to the parking lot. We waited till after the cub wandered away then headed up the trail. Cactus are blooming!

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  Pretty blue dragonfly. Hadn't realized dragonflies can hover and fly backwards. From about 1.5 miles up the trail, looking east. Little snake sunning himself on the trail. I nearly stepped on him, just barely enough contrast to see him. Hurrah at the top, about 2:45 up, 2 hours down for ~4.5 miles each way.

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  Official survey marker on Round Mountain but no elevation given which is weird.

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