February 3, 2012 Kauai

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  "tree tunnel" on the road from Poipu up to the main road. Nene, the Hawaiian native goose. Why did the nene cross the road? We're at the Lighthouse and wildlife sanctuary at Kilauea Point, on the north-east edge of Kauai. Tons of birds nesting in these cliffs.

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  The lighthouse (closed for restoration). Birds flying around, soaring on the air currents around the cliffs. The little white spots are birds flying around. Cute local bird. The new "lighthouse" at 2.5 million candlepower is still running. On the far left is a small building with an info video, lots of cool photos and history, and free binoculars to borrow (awesome to see the whales!).

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  The copper-colored shield on the left side of the light is to prevent the light from shining inland and keeping everyone nearby awake at night as the beacon rotates. Small island off the point. The white out there is bird poo :-) Butterfly. Looking straight west from Kilauea Point. Looking further left, west south-west

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  Bird! Just a typical seagull I think, but oddly Poipu beach (where we're staying on the south-east edge of Kauai) doesn't have many seagulls. White spot just right of center is a whale. You need binoculars to see but there are LOTS of whales off Kauai (here and at Poipu beach at least) spouting only a mile or two offshore. Amazing to see! Lots of birds flying around. Lots of cool information up here ($5 to get in, well worth it!)

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  The white at bottom is surf / foam. The two white dots in the middle bottom-most green are two large birds but even with binoculars I couldn't tell what they are. Annie. Weezie. Ann and Sue at the Kilauea lighthouse.

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  More about the birds up here. Notice the top middle white-tailed Tropicbird. Here's a Tropicbird, his tail off to the right. Same Tropicbird, flying away from us (his tail is "up"). Need a better zoom on my camera :-( Vegetation grows _really_ fast here! Mermaid Cafe has REALLY awesome ahi (fresh-caught!) wraps.

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  Eric and Evan Tiny old cemetary at Poipu Beach, you can just barely see the water at top middle. Another popular afternoon at Poipu Beach state park. Another monk seal on the beach. I think there's been one here every day, sleeping after a big meal. SO cute!

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  Looking out to sea, lots of tidepools here to explore. Tons of tiny fish (most only an inch or two long) in these tide pools.

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  Not sure what these are, these are only in the flowing water area, not in the stagnant tide pools. Just listen to the surf crashing on the rocks... You can see the elevation change where left is higher than right and so the left area has tide pools at low tide.

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  A larger fish (striped) caught in a tide pool. He'll get out at next high tide. The red-roofed condos in the middle are Nihi Kai where we are staying. The top left-most one (right above Annie's head) is ours - a longer wallk uphill from the beach, but an awesome view from the balcony out to the ocean and sunset! Interesting ?coral? growths on the rock Parachute surfing also known as kitesurfing or kiteboarding

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  He's got quite a wake behind him. Monk Seal is still there resting. Such a cute puppy-dog face! Evan (left) bodysurfing and Eric (right) boogie boarding.

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  Eric on right (dark rash guard shirt) and Evan on his right caught a good wave. Sunset on Poipu Beach.

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  Last sunset on the beach, heading home tomorrow :-(

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