February 2, 2012 Kauai, Hawaii

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  From our balcony, panorama starting far left (looking south-west). Looking west (this is the sunset view). Looking west-northwest. Looking northwest. Annie doing sudoku.

  IM004504 IM004505 IM004511 IM004512 IM004513  
  Annie. Evan. Cattle egret (from the balcony), so named because they tend to follow grazing cattle, eating the bugs kicked up. Banana tree - with bananas! Right before sunset - large gathering of folks sitting on the wall next to the beach to watch the sunset.

  IM004514 IM004516 IM004521 IM004522 IM004523  
  Right on the beach, getting close to sunset. No clouds today. Looking south, a few folks hanging out with us on the rocks, tons more folks up on the road. Sunset on another gorgeous day in Kauai. Even another egret (bird on rocks in middle) joined us in watching the sunset. Just below the horizon.

  IM004524 IM004525  
  Annie with gorgeous hibiscus. The Nihi Kai condos are very well maintained. More hibiscus.

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