January 31, 2012 Kauai Island

Another gorgeous day on Kauai. Morning walk/jog with Annie, drove down to see Spouting Horn. Then rented snorkel gear and wow the snorkeling just 10 feet off the beach at Poipu State Park is just amazing with tons of fish. While we were lying on the beach sunning, a monk seal swam up to the beach not 25 feet from us, worked himself a few feet up the beach, and lay there snoozing. Volunteers immediately came up with the usual ropes and signs to keep people away (to let him sleep in peace). Front row seats!

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  Down the beach at the Hyatt, rock formations on the beach - huge arch here. Thanks Annie for iphone pics during our morning walk! cave.

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  Annie, Evan, Eric at Spouting Horn. Annie (on her tiptoes) and Sue. Spouting Horn, Kauai. Multiple spouts in middle and far left, more little spouts further right. I could watch these for hours, like the mudpots in Rotoru with Frannie!

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  Row of shops at Spouting Horn. Nice jewelry! Annie on the balcony watching the sunset and doing Sudoku. We agreed her book is too easy and mine is too hard so we're trading off. Yet another gorgeous sunset.

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