Lucky L Airstrip, January 17 2012

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  Dave and Patty in the hot tub. Gorgeous views! Too cold and windy to snowshoe today so went for a walk around the area. Keith & Ann are up ahead. Looking back at "Sweet Air Ranch", nice rental house. Looking north-east to the Ski Area

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  From a mile south-east of the house, looking back at the house (and garage and shed and horse barn) Awwwww Bob Yup no snowplows on this road. At the road (fenced), looking north down Lucky L Airstrip. Yes it's quite an incline!

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  Huge hangar with nice bifold door, would fit a jet, but no planes inside, just farm equipment. Looking east to Lake Catamount. Ann, Keith, Bob The south-east side of Lake Catamount was supposed to become a summer lake resort and a winter ski area on the mountain behind... 15 years ago.. yeah right, glad I didn't invest! There's a group of townhouses/condos on the north-west side of the lake, they groomed ski trails on the lake. Notice signpost in the middle at the "trail" split.

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  snowplow coming down the road, it's not windy but he creates his own snowstorm. Lucky L airstrip looking south, it disappears up over the hill. Same view unzoomed, from a mile north of Lucky L airstrip. Airstrip is in the middle. Looking south-east you can see the insane slope of the strip.

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