Hiking Fern Falls, Fern Lake, Cub Lake July 31 2011

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  Fern Falls, RMNP Parked just east of the Fern Lake trailhead, where there was room in a lot at the Fern Lake shuttle bus stop. Maybe a half mile hike up to the true trailhead here. Planning the Pool, Fern Falls, maybe Fern Lake, back to the Pool, Cub Lake. At The Pool.

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  Lots of chipmunks asking for handouts. Looking west. "The Pool" is on the left where the falls drop tons of water into a huge whirlpool. Heading to Fern Falls for sure, not sure if we'll make it up to Fern Lake.

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  OMG. Fern Falls are gorgeous! We'd snowshoed this in March and it was all frozen, just giving a promise of how beautiful it would be in summer. Patty & Dave & Sue

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  Bob & Sue Heading uphill to Fern Lake, only another mile or so Close! Bob and Sue at Fern Lake.

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  Ranger cabin up here.

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  Looking west across Fern Lake. Just gorgeous. "Panorama" - from the south side of Fern Lake looking NW Looking N Looking NE Looking E (Bob on the bridge)

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  Bob & Dave At the footbridge, trout in the river. Yummy - tuna cup! Blue columbine.

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  Bright orange mushrooms - wanna bet these are poisonous? Back at Fern Falls, mist from the falls makes it nice and cool here. Fern Falls.

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  Looking downstream, the falls continue for a while. Further down the trail, upper view of Tree Falls (can't see much for the trees!) Lower view of Tree Falls (just above the Pool) Zoomed in of Tree Falls. The Pool, looking north-east.

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  The Pool, looking north at the falls dropping into the Pool. Chipmunks are totally unafraid here. Heading up to Cub Lake, lots of little streams along the way. Pink columbine.

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  Cub Lake looking east. Gorgeous overlook. Bob & Dave Patty wisely picks the shade. More wildflowers. Lilies covering Cub Lake, pretty yellow flowers.

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  Would be a great place to camp, just east of Cub Lake. More wildflowers. Ferns - but nowhere near Fern Lake :-) Down to the Moraine Park.

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  Nearly there. 10.8 mile day! Starting from Cub Lake trailhead what the distance would be (we went backwards). VERY hot day - I finished 1.75 liters of water plus a full bottle of soda. Nearly out of water at the end!

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