Hiking Twin Sisters, RMNP 24 July 2011

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  Twin Sisters is a pair of peaks just on the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park, at 11 thousand feet. At the trailhead - Dave, Patty, Bob, Erick -- with Longs Peak in the background with the Keyhole notch visible on Long's south side. About a mile up the trail is a great overlook, again with Longs in the background - Erick, Bob, Dave, Sue. At treeline, a good view to the south-west. You can see the trees getting short and scraggly here at tree-line.

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  At the saddle between two peaks - a fresh Carribean banana, in Colorado, at 11,000 feet. From the south peak, looking down to the saddle - Patty and Sue sitting in the middle down there. Closer-in of Patty and Sue finishing lunch while the guys went to the south peak. Erick, on top of Twin Sisters, with Longs Peak in the background. Bob

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  Overlook back down towards the trailhead, afternoon now (shadows are different). About 2:45 going up, 2:15 down over ~7.7 miles according to Dave's GPS.

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