May 28, 2011 Memorial Day Fly-In at 1CD1 Reid

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  A week before the fly-in Jer/ went up there with Sue to practice in 82H - after flying the Bo all spring, doing short-fields in the C182 is VERY different! Bob went along in Redbird, here's us flying back to FNL. Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, row of planes! The little red and white plane flew too... RC. Husky, RC, Beast, Redbird, and 3 more Cessnas including 82H in beige. N8768M, newly bought and on grass where it belongs.

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  N182H and N8539X The Beast is about to take off for flour bomb drops. Lemme out! Flour bomb drop (styrofoam cups taped together) - target is a tarp where the far person is standing. "bomb" is visible up and to the right of him.

  N7390K on another pass.

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