March 26, 2011 Horsetooth Falls, West Ridge Trail

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  Horsetooth Falls. Seems like a smidge more water than last weekend, tough to tell. Passing by the Wathen turnoff today and continuing on to Towers trail and on to West Ridge, which I've never hiked. Spring Creek trail past Wathen turnoff, hazy but gorgeous views to the south-east. (zoomed a little) Boyd and Horseshoe Lakes in the distance. Now a nice view of Horsetooth Reservoir too.

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  Intersection of West Ridge and Towers. Never been here before! Right on schedule, the towers (antennas). West Ridge has gorgeous views to the west -- looking west-southwest to Longs on the right side. Note topless tree in center. Looking further left (topless tree is to the right). Looking further left, nearly straight south - the teeth of Horsetooth Rock.

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  Snow! This is ~7000 feet elevation, end of March, on a north-facing shaded area. I only saw one other small patch of snow the entire hike (~8 miles) Still on West Ridge looking east to Horsetooth Reservoir and Fort Collins. Just gorgeous. Looking south-east to Boyd and Horseshoe lakes again. Looking up at the Teeth.

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  Now they look more like teeth. Thanks ladies of Team B.O.B. (babes on bikes) for keeping our trails clean! Just like last week... hiked miles and miles to the unpopulated areas of Horsetooth Park, and do I see deer? No. But next to the parking lot, a whole herd. A lot of them looked at me but nobody moved. Parking lot off to the left middle. I tell ya, you don't need to leave the parking lot to see deer.

  Cute critters!

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