Horsetooth Mountain via Wathen trail, 20 March 2011

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  Horsetooth Falls. Just a trickle of water in March. Continued on Spring Creek past this turnoff. From parking lot this takes ~45 minutes. Turned left on Wathen trail. From parking lot this takes ~60 minutes. Partway up Wathen, nice view to the south-east of the road around Horsetooth Reservoir and out to Fort Collins. Most of the way up Wathen, nice views of the Horse-teeth rocks.

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  Not quite enough zoom to see the people on top of the right tooth. Shortly after the nice views, Wathen ends into Westridge. If you turn left on Westridge, it's only about 50 feet to the Horsetooth Rock trail. Back down to the parking lot - notice deer on the left side. Each deer sauntered down to the trail, stopped at the fence... And from a standstill leaped over the fence.

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  Then they just hung out next to the parking lot, eating. Mostly ignored people and cars.

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