Snowshoe Ten Mile Creek, Frisco CO 27 January 2010

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  Parking lot at the trailhead. Trailhead sign. Parking lot is right off I-70, trivial to find. Fairly full for a Thursday weekday. About 1/4 mile up the trail, looking back to Frisco. Patty, George, Bob, Dave.

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  Kodak moment. About 2 miles in, sign for White River National Forest. George wuz here! These are George's photos. Sue, Bob and others ahead.

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  same Kodak moment. Notice blue sky - it was actually hot today! Sue Bob and Patty ahead on the trail. Before the sign at 2 miles, the trail was well packed (notice Bob is carrying his snowshoes). After that the trail was much less firm. Ten Mile Creek.

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  George complete with furry hat and headband. George on showshoes - a first! Patty on the pretty trail through the trees.

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  Back in the parking lot. Changing back out of snowshoe boots into regular shoes and dry socks...ahhh!

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