Fridge work January 2011

When our fridge died for the second time we were thinking there's no way we could get anyone to come work on a fridge that is literally 30 years old. We had had it repaired back in 1999 by Quick Appliance Repair by Lou, who walked in the front door, listened to the noise of the fridge fans and motors, and sniffed at the hot smell of the fans and motors, and immediately knew what was wrong and had the parts in his truck. We figured by 2011 there's no way anyone still fixes fridges this old, but we dug out the repair bill anyways to find out the name of the company we'd had in years ago. They still existed but weren't open on a Saturday. Bob remembered Lou saying that on these older fridges the compressor lasts forever and only a few parts wear out and they are all replaceable.

So we had hopes of being able to get ahold of them on Monday and more distant hope they'd be able to fix it again, but being realistic we spent most of Saturday shopping for a frige. Figured either way we should know what's out there and what's it worth to have the current fridge repaired. We went to Sears first where we learned that what we need is a "counter-top depth" fridge but all of the ones they had were over $2k. Ouch. Next shopped at Home Depot, Best Buy, Lowe's, and got a pointer to the appliance outlet store on College south of Harmony. We were looking for a fridge without a water/ice dispensor in the front, which is rare these days. We found a few models we liked in the $1000-$1500 range, with Best Buy having the best prices. But we forgot to ask everywhere for delivery and install cost so anyone looking would need to factor that in.

Monday Bob called Quick Appliance Repair and got an appointment for Tuesday at 12:30. The repair guy showed up promptly at 12:30, and wow it was Lou again! And again he came in and listened and sniffed and immediately knew what was wrong and had the part in his truck. WOW. Have to say those guys are great, would highly recommend Quick Appliance Repair.

  Our old fridge (from ~1980) died for the second time. Lou at Quick Appliance Repair fixed it for the second time. Here's the dead condensor fan motor (back in 1999 the problem was the defrost timer).

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