Las Vegas, 19-21 Nov 2010

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  Water slide goes through the shark tank! Sue's feet :-) Sue coming down off the water slide. Fun slide! Scuba divers in the tank. One kid came down the slide and managed to stop inside the tank for photo opportunity.

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  Bob in the pool in front of the shark tank. This is at the Golden Nugget hotel in Las Vegas, NV. Sue in the waterslide! Bob in the waterslide! Gold Man "statue" on Fremont Street poses with Sue. Looking out the window of our hotel (downtown) towards the strip, the top of the Stratosphere is visible in the distance on the left.

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  Stratosphere on far left, lookie at them storms. Not a good weather weekend! Dueling laptops in the hotel room - Keith, Bob, mine. Ann reads a book, waiting for the geeks to finish geeking and start Vegas'ing. We didn't know it, but this weekend at the Golden Nugget is Fitness America. Lots of amazingly fit (and tanned) bodybuilders walking around. When these ladies came out for a media shot, a huge crowd gathered immediately!

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  Guys too! Posing for media shots outside the Golden Nugget. mmmmm mmmmm good (says Sue :-)

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  Next we went to see the Titanic Exhibit at the Luxor. No cameras allowed inside. A good but thoroughly depressing exhibit. vending machine for electronics! Keith has a cool pink blueberry drink. Ann had a massive glass of wine. Bob and Sue had ice cream :-) Help me!

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  Statue outside New York, New York. oddly leaning buildings at "City Centre" Keith The platform, with 4 zip lines going off to the left. Getting ready.

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  Keith and Ann are going zip-lining! Lady behind them is 68 and having a great time on her birthday, going zip-lining! Keith and Ann walking up to the platform (very blurry) You can't tell but that's a person on the zip line (Keith I think). Dice!


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