North Carolina trip 24 July 2010 - 1 August 2010

  IM002528 IM002530 IM002531 IM002532 IM002533  
  Halfway to North Carolina we stopped for fuel at Warren County / Mc Minnville, Tennessee. Cool plane on the ramp! Too dark for the camera but Sue, Jenn, and Deanne are having fun on the deck looking at the ocean. Wine and beer, great start to the week. Dan and Bob. Jenn and Deanne cooking up something wonderful.

  IM002534 IM002535 IM002536 IM002537 IM002539  
  The guys... Sue's helping cook - run away! no wait, Deanne and Jenn are supervising, it'll be ok! Happy Hour Connor, Erin, and Scott relax before dinner.

  IM002540 IM002541 IM002542 IM002544 IM002545  
  How many swimsuit beauties does it take to get a laptop to connect to the router? About to give some rides in the Bo, at Wilmington.

  IM002547 IM002548 IM002549 IM002550 IM002551  
  Deanne is ready!

  IM002553 IM002554 IM002556 IM002557 IM002558  
  First flight for Connor, with Dan Sr and Jenn in the back seat. Jenn smiling and waving from the back seat.

  IM002559 IM002560 IM002561 IM002563 IM002564  

  IM002565 IM002566 IM002567 IM002568 IM002570  
  Deanne in her standard pose with her beloved i-phone. Snows Cut bridge on the right.

  IM002571 IM002572 IM002573 IM002574 IM002576  
  Happi Ours is just left (south) of the house under construction... right on the beach. Connor is flying! Boardwalk area with carnival rides

  IM002577 IM002580 IM002581 IM002583 IM002584  
  About center with brown roof is Dan Sr's cottage. Wrightsville Beach. Oceana restaurant is on the pier.

  IM002585 IM002586 IM002587 IM002589 IM002590  
  Woo-hoo another fun sightseeing flight on Wolber Airlines! Next is Deanne :-)

  IM002591 IM002592 IM002593 IM002595 IM002596  
  Much fun!

  IM002597 IM002600 IM002601 IM002602 IM002604  
  Back in Kansas City, this is Molly (and Dan's feet). Jan's favorite chair. Planet Subs - cool mural

  IM002606 IM002607 IM002608 IM002609 IM002611  
  and great subs! Back at Lee's Summit airport on the south side of Kansas City, more fun planes here. Oshkosh comes to us - a T6. N7693Z. 1942 North American AT-6C. Bob takes photos while Sue adds a quart of oil.

  IM002612 IM002613 IM002615 IM002616 IM002617  
  Gorgeous Cessna 170. N9202A. Beautiful storm clouds on the way home, we gave them a wide berth.


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