Hiking Horsetooth Rock west of Fort Collins, 12, 13 and 16 July 2010

  IM002470 IM002471 IM002472 IM002473 IM002475  
  Monday the 12th Bob and Brenda and I headed up to Horsetooth after work. About halfway up here, nice view. Brenda and I are sweating pretty hard, it was 97 in Ft Collins today. A line of ants across the trail. They are going in both directions.

  IM002476 IM002478 IM002479 IM002480 IM002481  
  Interestingly when I retraced the route on Tuesday, no ants to be seen in this area of the trail. History of the area - sign is just below the north tooth. On top of the north tooth.

  IM002482 IM002483 IM002484 IM002489 IM002490  
  Scrambling back down the tooth. Deer! Too dark to be anything but a blur. It was totally unafraid of us.

  IM002493 IM002494 IM002495 IM002503 IM002505  
  Next day Tuesday I went up again, alone this time, made it all the way up the north tooth again (this is looking up at the north tooth). 1:15 up, 1:00 down. Gorgeous view of Fort Collins. Nearly back to the parking lot, bottom of the road (last turn) looking west at the sunset. Hiking again Friday the 16th with Bob, saw a deer on the way up. This was just before the Wathan trail intersection.

  IM002508 IM002509 IM002510 IM002511 IM002512  
  Lots of gorgeous flowers after all the heavy May and June rains. Bench on the trail to take a rest. Top of the north tooth.

  IM002513 IM002514 IM002515 IM002516 IM002517  
  "product placement" Antennas just north of Horsetooth Rock Looking south-west to Longs Peak.

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