5 July 2010 Hiking Twin Sisters trail in Rocky Mountain National Park

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  Lucked out and got a spot close to the trailhead (people on left about 8 cars up are at trailhead). Ready to hike! BrendaK, Sue, Bob.

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  2400 feet elevation gain in about 3.4 miles - a moderately difficult trail. About a mile up the trail, the trees on the right open up to gorgeous views of Longs Peak to the west.

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  Further up the trail at the start of the switchbacks. After this the trail is mostly on the north-west side of Twin Sisters and we don't see Longs again until the top of the west Sister. Baby tree growing in a crevice in the rock, in the middle of the trail.

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  Getting close to tree-line, about 11,000 feet elevation. Same spot looking west. Above tree-line, very windy. Note Communication tower antenna.

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  Looking north to Estes Park and Lake Estes. Looking north-east to ?Loveland? Nearly up to the peak, looking back west at the trail coming up. Lots of pretty tiny flowers on the tundra.

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  Getting closer to that tower which is on the west Sister. Looking west at the Comm Shack andantenna, notice all the people up top. Solar panels run the radios. Radios are used for Search and Rescue - probably a repeater. Looking east to the east Sister, there are people scrambling up it.

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  At the top of the west Sister. Took us about 2.5 hours up, and the same time going down. Gorgeous view of Longs Peak to the south-west. Brenda resting her feet. Great idea to change out the socks while stopped at the top!

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  From the top of the west Sister, looking north-east to ?Loveland? We're nearly level with the top of the antenna tower. Geological Marker at the top of the east Sister.

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  From the top of the east Sister, looking at west Sister. Zoomed in more, people are visible. Person in dark blue jacket down the trail from the Comm shack (bottom-right most person) is Brenda. Looking north-east from top of east Sister. In the saddle between the east and west sister is this marker.

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  At the base of the west Sister, about to head back down. Trail is rocky but very well maintained. Back at tree-line looking north at Estes Park.

  Back to 1 mile from the bottom with the view of Longs.

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