4 July 2010 massive yardwork, also working on the bikes, shower curtain....

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  This was in May. Look just above and left of the dogs at the far end of the yard. Weeds are up above the fencline - and it was much worse by the time we started hacking on them in June. Now it's first weekend in July and you can see the fence on the south-east end of the yard. The north-east corner of the yard is still wilderness with weeds way above my head. The pile of yard waste on the porch is from cleaning out the south-east corner of the yard. Roses are now visible after cleanout.

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  Are these strawberries?? They are tiny but they sure look like strawberries! And I have no idea what these are. Red berries a little smaller than a cherry tomato.

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  Now that the fence is visible, Bob repairs a few boards. North-east corner of the yard has been de-jungled and fence is visible again. Hurrah! Swing bench is usable again. Pile of brush on the porch is HUGE now.

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  It's 4th of July, time to pump up the tires on the bicycles in hopes of riding over to the fireworks. But, it rained so we drove over :-( Bob also got ambitious and we cleaned the shower curtain.

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