3 July 2010 Fly-In to Granby Colorado KGNB

  IM002270 IM002271 IM002272 IM002274 IM002275  
  Looking back right, about to enter right crosswind for 27 (looking north-east). On right cross-wind for 27. East ramp is packed with airplanes! Right downwind 27 GNB. Taxiing in. Great ground marshallers!

  IM002276 IM002277 IM002278 IM002279 IM002281  
  Very well attended! Pushing the Bo back into a parking place.

  IM002282 IM002283 IM002285 IM002288 IM002289  
  BillB, Bob, Sue Plane Fun Radio Control aircraft. Massive silent auction at the pancake breakfast. NX88AW

  IM002306 IM002290 IM002291 IM002292 IM002293  
  N890US, a Diamond Star. N20769 N83LL

  IM002294 IM002295 IM002296 IM002297 IM002298  
  This is NOT a Spitfire. It's a Yak 4 - we'll see it again later today and chat with the pilot. NX854DP N213RC, a Lightning

  IM002303 IM002299 IM002300 IM002301 IM002304  
  N05007 N1505D, a pristine Cessna 190, was also at the FMM fly-in last weekend. N4032K, a Navion.

  IM002305 IM002307 IM002309 IM002321 IM002310  
  N8075H, a Turbo Arrow. N126MP N93MY

  IM002311 IM002312 IM002313 IM002314 IM002315  
  N1541W, my baby. N8727W N8GR N903SR, a Cirrus Turbo G3.

  IM002316 IM002317 IM002318 IM002319 IM002320  
  N6JX N8727W, a Cherokee 235. Mine... all mine :-)

  IM002322 IM002323 IM002324 IM002325 IM002326  
  EdB, JohnM, Bob Bob, Jer/, EdB, JohnM, BillB. Gorgeous vintage cars too!

  IM002327 IM002328 IM002329 IM002333 IM002330  
  N6533W N611KB, experimental flying boat (BillB added - with an experimental engine) N241JT

  IM002332 IM002334 IM002335 IM002338 IM002337  
  tail number of these is often on the tail fin, not enough space on the fuselage. N58RK N201HW

  IM002339 IM002341 IM002342 IM002343 IM002346  
  It's an RV-4, very cute to have that in the wing walk. N8388C N151DH

  IM002345 IM002348 IM002347 IM002349 IM002350  
  Calvin and Hobbes on the tail! N99WB With the owner :-) N7463N

  IM002351 IM002352 IM002354 IM002355 IM002356  
  N6049H, a Piper Turbo Arrow Long-EZ N26TR N63FM, a Mooney Bravo

  IM002357 IM002359 IM002360 IM002361 IM002358  
  Stinson NC2408K, these folks are from Erie and were also at the FMM fly-in. N523RM N178CC, a Carbon Cub - Light Sport aircraft. Wow it looks like a Husky. It took off in about 100 feet, here at Granby at 8000 MSL.

  IM002363 IM002364 IM002365 IM002366 IM002369  
  N2025D, a C35 Bonanza N1720Z, a C172 from Poudre Aviation in Greeley, JohnM and EdB came over in this.

  IM002370 IM002371 IM002372 IM002373 IM002374  
  N708T, a Twin Navion :-) HUGE area for pancake breakfast, these guys are ready for a crowd. When we arrived most seats were full, it's now 11am and thinning out.

  IM002375 IM002376 IM002377 IM002378 IM002379  
  C190 taxiing out and N88AW doing a fly-by. Stinson taxiing out. Lots of Radio Controlled aircraft.

  IM002380 IM002381 IM002382 IM002383 IM002384  
  Departing Granby, 4 light folks on board and 1/4 tanks, climbed out fine. The same Yak, fueling at Longmont. We fueled here too, cheap fuel!

  IM002385 IM002386 IM002387 IM002388 IM002389  
  My baby nose to tail with the Yak. Parachutists at Longmont LMO seen over the Yak

  Flight Deck Grill at Longmont Airport - good brats!

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