Fort Morgan "Glenn Miller Days" Fly-In 26 June 2010

  IM002211 IM002219 IM002220 IM002221 IM002208  
  AT-6, N48JC Beech Staggerwing, NC33E Howard DGA15-P, NC52928 Stephan with bright vest for working flight line.

  IM002209 IM002210 IM002212 IM002213 IM002214  
  Lions Club puts on a great breakfast - pancakes, eggs, and sausage. General McArthur.

  IM002215 IM002216 IM002217 IM002218 IM002222  
  BillA, Vic, Cathy. Ed Bob and KenA. Sue and BillA.

  IM002223 IM002224 IM002225 IM002226 IM002227  
  Vernon. Cessna 190, N1505D

  IM002228 IM002229 IM002231 IM002261 IM002230  
  Bi-Plane rides in yellow and blue bi-plane in next photo.

  IM002246 IM002241 IM002234 IM002257 IM002258  
  Would be a blast to take a ride in this open-cockpit radial engine bi-plane! Take a ride in the vintage AT-7, twin in next photos.

  IM002259 IM002262 IM002263 IM002264 IM002265  

  IM002235 IM002236 IM002237 IM002238 IM002239  
  "Major Distraction"

  IM002240 IM002242 IM002243 IM002244 IM002245  
  N408RA KenA N1541W

  IM002247 IM002248 IM002249 IM002250 IM002251  
  Stinson, NC2408K N4374R

  IM002252 IM002253 IM002254 IM002255 IM002256  

  IM002260 IM002266 IM002267 IM002268 IM002269  
  N1996C Portable pancake, egg, sausage cooker.

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